12th Dec2010

New Vocalist – Dream Chemistry

by jimmy

Dream Chemistry’s new vocalist is Dellynn Marie!! We will be updating everyone soon on the new CD, and upcoming performances.

Dream Chemistry would like to thank Robin Brown and Steve Piper and wish them a successful future. They have quite a lot to offer the music world.

That said we have interviewed and auditioned a handful of vocalists and would like to welcome Dellynn Marie to the Dream Chemistry family. The future looks very bright!

We would like to thank the following vocalists, vocal coaches and other professionals that interviewed, auditioned or just helped along the way. We would also like to thank those that we didn’t quite get to – I’m sure our musical paths will cross again in the future! Julianne Forte, Michelle Maria, Barb Horton, Jeanne Mac Laughlin, Melissa Black, Lindsey Bair, Craig Lemke, Annrenee Jones, Susan Michaels, Terry Davies, Zeno Sonik, and most of all –Scott Schaefer (you the man!!) If I left anyone out –it’s unintentional. Thank you!

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