Jimmy Caterine

Jimmy Caterine – 6 & 12 string guitars, vocals

Hometown – Honolulu, HI

Jimmy Caterine has numerous album credits to his name. He is most noted as founder, guitarist and co-writer for, 80’s metal quartet, Sacred Rite (Capitol Records.) He has worked with top name professionals in the industry, including Grammy Award winning producer Sonny Limbo (Bertie Higgins) and publishing coordinator Randall Wixen (Fleetwood Mac, Jackson Brown.) He has toured extensively.

Aside from his original projects, he had a 3 month stint, playing guitar, with the stage production of Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1987. He played for, MGM recording artist and power house vocalist, Sami Jo Cole (Tell Me a Lie) in 1995 and with, classic rock tribute act, Time Machine on the Las Vegas convention circuit in ’97 and ’98.

Following a car accident in 2001, Jimmy Caterine took a break from performing and was reluctant to return to the stage due to traumatic stress.

During the time between 2001 and the formation of Dream Chemistry, Jimmy released 2 independent solo records under the name Caterine (2003-2005) and a reunion disc with Sacred Rite in 2007, which was also an independent release. He also made a guest appearance on the album Almost Fully Recovered by electronic/techno artist Warren Peace.

If you’d like to know more about Jimmy Caterine you can visit www.Caterine-Music.com

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