Tito Valentin

Tito Valentin – cajon, shakers, angel wing, vocals

Hometown – Brooklyn, NY

Ernesto “Tito” Valentin grew up, listening to his father, a singer, rehearsing and performing with The Three Kings, in Brooklyn, New York. He was drawn to percussion from the very beginning. At the young age of 8, he would often watch his neighbor play drums through the  basement window. Tito was later given that drum set as a gift.

Valentin was very involved with his church throughout most of his youth and played drums with the church band. He later joined the Marines and would DJ to make some side cash. After his term with the Marines, Tito settled in Phoenix, Arizona and started a family (has 4 children, who are the light of his life) and continued to DJ for many years to follow.

In 2007, a strange twist of fate brought Tito Valentin and Jimmy Caterine together. Tito expressed to Caterine how he had always wanted to play percussion in an original band but family life had never afforded him that luxury.  In 2008, Jimmy asked Tito to audition for Dream Chemistry.  Exceeding expectations, Valentin made the cut and is now a permanent member.

If you’d like to book Tito Valentin to DJ your event, you may contact him at:


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