Dream Chemistry
Photo by Susan McCall (somckiai@yahoo.com)

Formed in Phoenix, Arizona, Dream Chemistry began with the vision of Jimmy Caterine and Neal Harris, a relationship that grew from a common interest in song crafting and composition. In 2008, they began their search for, like minded, musicians/artists to complete the bigger picture. Chemistry between band members became the most important factor in this search.

By 2010 the group was complete with the addition of Michael Mulryan (violin), Dellynn Marie (vocals),
and Tito Valentin (percussion). The chemistry in both performance and song writing was a dream come true – solidifying a vision of “Dream Chemistry.”

In the short time between its early conception in 2007 and mid 2009 Dream Chemistry has collectively written and composed over 30 compositions ranging from radio friendly ‘songs’ to progressive instrumental show pieces. Most of their music could be described as acoustic rock and country with some Celtic influence. Although, their instrumental compositions include influences of progressive rock and jazz. With such a wide range of diversity, they have coined the phrase ‘Organic Fusion’ as their genre.

Their strong sense of community has led them to perform, help organize and raise money for several good cause organizations in Arizona. Included are:

This has also gained them a strong following in the Phoenix area.

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