DC logo T-Shirts

Neal absolutely loves his DC T-Shirt! Just look at that smile on his face while sporting the Dream Chemistry logo!!

Now you too can sport the Dream Chemistry logo on your own midnight black all cotton tee and display your proud affections for us. They’re simply awesome! Show your colors and who knows, you might even get backstage and a chance to meet and party with the band. Yep, they’re awesome… no, better yet, they’re better than awesome, they’re simply spectacular!


Images of White (2011)

Release Date – December 2, 2011

Track List

  1. Gaia
  2. The Wind
  3. Hey Baby
  4. Images of White
  5. Three Legged Horse
  6. You Groove Me
  7. On Our Way
  8. Perfect Life
  9. Something Forgotten
  10. Within Me
  11. Ride Me a River

Dream Chemistry (2009)

Release Date – October 1, 2009

Track List

  1. Morning Jazz
  2. Seven Seas
  3. Caught in the Act
  4. Maybe
  5. Heroes in the East
  6. The Facade
  7. Are You Ready
  8. Darque Ride
  9. Indian Wind
  10. Breath of Fresh Air
  11. The Stars

Christmas EP (2008)

The Dream Chemistry Christmas EP features “Good Ol’ Santa” by Kurtis Medlyn, who also sings on the track. It also contains Jimmy and Neal’s rendition of the classic, Greensleeves, and some of Michael Mulryan and Ella McGee’s audition tracks with Dream Chemistry.

Couch Sessions (2007)

Couch Sessions was recorded live during rehearsal in Neal’s living room on April 28, 2007 between pizza and chocolate breaks. It features Jimmy Caterine (guitar), Neal Harris (bass), Jorge Burrage (zeta violin), and Michael Salerno (guitar). Those who have followed Dream Chemistry from the beginning are the only ones who probably own this disc. It contains several ideas that would, later, make it to their first official release. The sound is raw, yet very encompassing due to Jorge Burrage’s zeta violin.

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